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AND MAKE IT DOUBLE. JESSY. AND JAMES. of Gabriel en Suriel. whatever.
---------------------General info.
Name: Gabriel (Jonathan Brennenburg )
Nickname: Gabe.
Age: 28.
D.O.B: 7-07-XXXX
Gender: Male.
Place of birth: Jupitus, Mercuris.
Ringform: Sword.
Wings: Undecided. (pure white)

Name: Suriel (Emma Lydia Brennenburg )
Nickname: Susan
Age: 28.
D.O.B: 7-07-XXXX
Gender: Female.
Place of birth: Jupitus, Mercuris.
Ringform: Staff.
Wings: Zeta/Healing angel. Slender wings, in a soft yellow colour with an iridescent glimmer that might look like candlelight.

Physical information.
Eye colour: L: White. R: Blue.
Hair colour: Light Blonde.

Weight: 60 Kg.
Length: 1.87 M.

Tattoo’s: -
Piercings: -

Prominent scars:
• A thick scar over his troath.
• A long scar crossing his left hand.
• Missing tip of right pinkie.
• 2 long scars on his back, from shoulders to hips (when hiding wings.)

Eye colour: L: blue. R: White.
Hair colour: Light Blonde.

Weight: 56 Kg.
Length: 1.73 M.

Tattoo’s: -
Piercings: -

Prominent scars:
• Stabscar on chest, place of heart.
• 2 long scars on his back, from shoulders to hips (when hiding wings.)

Specie information.
Specie: Angel.
Subrank: Undecided.

Specie: Angel.
Subrank: Zeta Angel.

Angels are known all across the World of [NAME], but as a mythical race like dragons or phoenixes, rather than a normal specie. Known in nearly all religions their role varies from ying of the balance circle fighting evil in the world, to being the ones carrying a dead person’s soul to heaven or hell depending on their past life choises. Marely known from the stories they do however really excist, eventhough that has been different in other times where they were nearly hunted to extinction.

Nearly all Angles hide their Halos and wing when traveling around, duet o the great disbelieve that body parts (and especially wings ánd halos would bring the owner a lot of good fortune and luck. This is perhaps why there has been a whole section of the black market dedicated to angel hunting in the past. Now believed tob e eitherway extinct or to have left the world of [NAME]. No angels have been seen in the past decennia, despite it just being the angels hiding their true colours behind a human appearance.

The Wings, halo and ring are an Angel posseses are extremely important fort them, and even tell alot about the physicial and mental state of an angel. Dusty or cracked halo’s, lowered glo, dusty wings.. their all things showing that the overal health of an Angel isnt as good as it should be.

Additional information about the specie.
• Wings. Each angel has a pair of wings that are as unique as a finger print. Changing in form, size and colours each angel has wings where others are able to identificate them with. The wings have something going on about them, however.
There are several kinds of angels, each with their own specialities or goals. Alphas, thee rank that brings down dominion and war angels. Betas, the rank that brings revenge angels, Zetas bringing the rank of angels that are responcible for healing and nurturing others, etc etc etc. there are a LOT of ranks, them all being topped by Seraphims, Arch angels known for heaving 3 sets of wings.
Each rank has their own kind of wings that are different in colour (and shape, depending on what rank) of other Ranks. For example, War angels are know to have big wings in darker shades of dark, brown or black, with a lot of wingspan and muscle tob e used in fights. Zeta Angels have more slender wings with soft colours like yellow or soft reds, with a lot more soft feathers which are more usable for short flies but can’t be used in battle.

All angels are reborn with pure white wings which shows that the Angel has yet to find their calling as an angel. These angels are Called Nora’s (short for No rank). By finding the power they gained from becoming an angel is often the cause of the angels finding their rank, but it doesnt have tob e the case. Some agels only gain their wings after certain events destiny has set out for them.

• Halos. Beside wings Halos are probably the other most recognised things of an angel. Just as wings the Halo of an angel is unique like a fingerprint, but not bound to any type or rank. They differ from literal floating rings to a ring pure light. What they do have in common is that can all take on the shape of the first said thing, a plain ‘’ring’’. These are Halo rings are very important as they are also used as a sign of trust. Since interbreeding of angels with other species is rare, especially with the other knowing that they are together with an angel) the most mariages are between two angels. During these weddings, the two angels will exchange their Halos, wearing them on their body. Literally giving the other the trust of holding their life.

• Rings. Upon awaking from Death each Angel is found while carrying a simple ring with a gemstone, engraved with a name. This name is not the name they had before they died, and is actually a new angel name they are given. It’s unknown how these rings are brought to new angels, and the stories abotu this are different from angel to angel. Since about 80% of all angels are reborn with amnesia about their past life (which slowly fades away, dont worry) most angels take on the name in the ring as their new name. Some do because they dont know anything else, others (who dont have amnesia) do it to forget their old life.. nearly all angels keep this angel name fort he rest of their life, not stepping back tot he name they had in their past life.

Angel weaknesses:
• Breaking an Angel’s Halo results in a direct dead. (however, they are hard to break, and can only be broken on purpose. Lucky angels.)
• Cutting off their wings will leave them permanently powerless. May also kill them because of Shock.
• A stab in their Dead Core (the reason why they died) will result in a direct dead.
(An Angel’s Core is nto always visible, and depends on what way the angel has died in it’s past life. Since Gabriel died to a slit troath, a stab in the scar will directly kill him. An Angel who has been killed by a stab in the stomach will have their Core there. Angels who died duet to drowning, burning to death or plain old age will have their Core on a random spot, without a scar showing. They are however able to feel where it is)
• An Angel’s wings and Halo are in generally really sensitive, and letting someone touch them is known as an intense level of trust.
• Not being able to lie. (literally. An Angel cant lie. But nearly all angels however are masters in avoiding questions.)
• Possible Amnesia about life before dead.
• Terrible defences. Angel’s depend on their agility and wit in battles. Due to all being slender and elegant, they aren’t able to take a lot of physical hits and need to avoid as much as possible if they want to stand their ground in a fight.

Angel Powers:
• Flight. As an angel doesn’t have wings without a reason… they can indeed fly with them without any problem, and depending on the angel even carry one or two people for a short time.
• Agile and elegant. Being creatures of light, Angels are extremely fast and light on their feet. While there are known examples of more ‘’Bara’’ Angels (mainly war or dominion angels), the majority of the specie is known to be extremely agile. They seem to be floating or dancing rather than walking, and do this without the slightest sound.
• Eye of Truth. While in human form, each Angel can be recognises by one thing, if you know where to search. Each angel has one eye in a pure white colour, which is called the eye of truth. While some stories surrounding it tell that it’s able to tell if someones lying or that it is identical tot he Eye of Suz’aku (which can kill people with one glare) this isn’t true. The Eye of Truth does have a power, however, which is being able to rate the soul of a person. An Angel can see wherever a person has lived a ‘’good’’ or ‘’bad’’ life till now, and if their soul would be rated ‘’one ticket to the paradise after death’’ or i fit would be going for a road trip on the ‘’high way to hell’’. (know however, that an angel isnt able to see WHY a peron’s soul is rated good or bad, or due to what choises the soul is rated that way. Also know that a soul is a changing thing and that it being bad at one point, doesnt mean i twill stay like that forever.)
• Rings. Each Angel is gifted with a ring once they awaken from death. While nobody knows what these rings are or who gifts them to the angels, the rings are very valuable to them. An Angel is able to change this ring into one object (which they cant choose) which can be everything. A staff, used for healing, a sword, an instrument, anything. In most cases this ‘’item’’ helps with the power an angel will develop later. While healing staffs and instruments can be used on everyone, this doesnt go for weapons. An Angel’s soulbound weapon can only be used on those with a bad soul. In a fight with someone who’s corrupted, the sword will be your regular sharp edged sword. If used against someone with a pure soul, the sword will be completely blunt.)
• Attractive. Being … beings… of light, Angel’s are also known to posses a natural beauty. Gracefull and rarely seen with skin impureties, it isnt strange that angels are often considered some of the most beautifull ‘’humans’’, nearly on the same level as the people of Asahar. This also explains why it isnt unlike to see caught angels get sold as wives or slaves on the blackmarket, instead of being sold fort heir wings, halos or other body parts. A physically fit angel being sold as a slave can easily reach bidding amounts of a million Monaiye.

Power: Frequency manipulation.
Gabriel is able to manipulate Frequencies in the biggest form of the word. Ranging from radio frrequencies, tot he frequencie of the amount of steps or slashes with a sword per minute. (in theory he’d also be able to manipulate heartbeats and the amount of breathing fo a person but. Kek. He cant because that’ be incredibly OP. Just putting out here that he cant do it)

Power limitations.
While he can edit nearly every freequency, there are some perks. If it comes to biological things like the amount of steps in a minute he can only edit that for himself and not for other living things. Machines can be manipulated however.
Gabriel is constantly hearing and noticing all frequencies around him, even ones he cant manipulate. While he is able to ignore able tos hut out most of them, if there are plain too much people or frequencies he will get a terrible migraine.

Power: Priest/enchanter.
Suriel is able to cast several effects on both foes and allies. These effect scan range from debuffs on speed or vision to buffs to attack speed or defences. But probably her bets know ability is being able to use healthspells, which effect the physical state of a person. (aka. Playin priest healing. Kek.)

Positive: Friendly l Patient l Hopefull l Positive l Forgiving l Chivalrous l Open-minded l quick witted
Negative: Naive l easily manipulated l shy l low selfesteem l Silent (kek) l puts others before himself l easily hurt l hides feelings l worries a lot.

Positive: Loyal l optimistic l energetic l social l quick with words l open-minded l protective
Negative: stubborn l too adventurous l impulsive l talks. A lot. l annoying l too protective/caring l Self-Righteousness

Talents: Cooking l Things involving music l working with plants or animals l Sword fighting l making bird whistle noises
Flaws: healing l selling things (drops prices of things too easily when bargaining. ) l following long detailed plans (natural improviser)

Talents: things involving music l healing l navigation l working with kids
Flaws: killing animals/preparing meat from scratch l hand work l survival l comforting people l working with animals (despite loving them… she scares them.)

Likes: natural sweet flavours l flowers l warm weather l swimming l sparring with people l playing instruments l cats l honest people l candle flames
Dislikes: loud noises l large groups of people l not being able to see l spiders l loud people l cowards l Racism l people trashtalking about him being mute l being alone l Technology (doesnt understand it)

Likes: flowers l talking l animals l parfumes l make-up l ADVENTURE l music l bargaining l talking l people l confident people l pretty boys =3c
Dislikes: dirty things l bad smells l crawly insects l SPIDERS l complete darkness l not being near people for long perios of time l fire l thunderstorms l dogs l

Being born and growing up in Mercuris you’re fed up with the loads of myths and superstition. Being born in the Brennenburg familly only makes this worse. Jebediah Brennenburg surely had some screws loose. The man who was one of th high Baron’s in Mercuris clearly had His head clear up in the clouds of superstition. it was a sad shame that Jebediah was born as the 7th son, and that he had knowledge about the 7th son of the 7th son myth.
the 7th son of the 7th son myth says that once.. the 7th son of a 7th son will be born, he will be blessed my unknow powers which change depending on the region and the version of the folklore. Future vision, lycantropy, a direct link to Ibloss.. every occult power was being named. And Jebediah Brenneburg was destined tob ringt this myth to life.
After 6 children and 4 divores he met Annemary, a mysterious young woman. They got a long, got togather and eventually hsi dream got true. He’d get the 7th kid he wished for and beside that? He even got two. Light blond hair, one blue and a white eye. Finally instead of 1, he got 2 kids to furfill the lore. Except..
That the twin were nothing special. One eye coloured in another colour, but that honestly was all. Year after year passed in which Jebediah’s mind crumbled more and more.. tull his illnes (which they found out only much later) brought hi mto such a point of anger that he took the twin’s life, slitting Gabriel’s troath and stabbing suriel in the chest.
7 days later they woke up again. Lying in the ashes around them of the remains of Brennenburg Castle brennenburg. Bodies aching, blurred vission. 2 incredibly painfull scars on their troath and chest and---… wings? A halo? Not remembering who they were or where they were they left, not even remembering each other. Emma and Jonathan both took on the names engraved in rings they were wearing, Suriel and Gabriel respectively.
While both of the siblings seemed to be in a good physical state, one thing seemed to be off. The fact the boy didnt seem to be able to talk at all. Not able to produce a lot of sound in general, probably due to damaged vocal cords, the two made a system of signs together so they could still comunicate.
Trraveling around together, as they had nobody else, it took rather some time before memories started coming back. it has now been 21 years after getting killed. These years by spend by slowly starting a life from scraps. Beging for money in the beginning. Slowly starting to bargain, and eventually and more importantly. Music. Since they picked up music as a source of income the Brennenburg twins, (under the false surname Acceso ) have become pretty famous musicians.
Currently they travel from location to location in a old car which is also their homebase for selling bussines. They do this together with two horses, Artemis (arty) and Apollo (appie) and a stray cat that Gabriel claimed as his and called Kronos.
• Asexual, panromantic.
• Plays piano, Accordeon, Lute and Flutes.
• If he gets involved too deeply in a project he will sometimes forget to eat or sleep- so someone has to come and visit him periodically to remind him that he needs to Eat/SLEEP to LIVE.
• He loves cookin with his heart. Spicy? Sweet? Tell me what you need and ill make it.
• Really loves detective/murder books.
• Kronos isnt his cat, but his baby. The poor animal is babied and nursed far too much.
• Loves going out for a ride with Appy or Arty.[/i]

• Bi-curious.
• Plays guitar, harp, violin, Cello. Also sins.
• Has a birthmark on her left shoulder in the shape of a heart. Or thats what she tells herself. Tbh its just a birthmark.
• Has a fear for spiders. Not fond of insects either but can handle that. Just not spiders.
• Had a teenage crush on Indiana Jonas. Got the Indiana jonas theme as her ringtone.
• Adores warm days with a lot of sunlight, but has to stay away from direct contact bruns really easily.
• Drinks her tea with a trillion sugar cubes


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