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Chrissy Urzuhl

Post by That annoying lesbian on Wed Jun 29, 2016 8:31 pm

General information
Name: Chrissy Urzuhl
Nickname: Christen, Chris
Age: 27
Lenght: 1.84
Weight: 78 kg

Physical info
Build: Muscular
Eye colour: Grey
Hair colour: Dark brown
Tattoo's: Family Insignia in neck
Piercings: Multiple ear piercings, Tongue piercing and a septum
Notable features: her left shoulder slags down a little because of the weight from her prosthetic arm

Species info
Specie: Orc
Specie info: Orcs are a tall and fastly gain a muscular build in both genders without as much effort as the human race would need to put in. Teeth/fangs sticking out of their mouth is a trait that all full-blood orcs have. together with the green-ish skin they are easily recognised by most people. The problem here is that because of their reputation as gross, ruthless reputation. racism against them is not uncommon. Which causes some Orcs to actually live up to those expectations since they have nothing to loose anyway

Specie pros and cons:
+ Naturally one of the stronger races
+ Good stamina
- Often short tempered
- Limited to close combat for full potential

Positive traits:
+ Gives everyone a fair chance
+ Not a very judgemental person
+ Very honest
+ Supportive of friends
+ Thinks before she speaks

Negative traits:
- Easily pissed off
- Is up in everyones business
- If she doesnt like you? you'll know and so does everyone else
- If you fuck up with your first chance its hard to get a second chance from her
- Quick to ditch people

- Her cat Chloe
- Brawls for funsies
- Nature
- Hunting
- Talking / Hanging out with people
- Dragons
- Kids
- Obnoxious people (even though she is obnoxious herself)
- Cold weather
- badly timed immaturity

- Born in a small village in the Mountains of Sol
- Was raised by her mom and older sister (who'm is 10 years older) because her father walked off with a younger woman when her mother was pregnant of her
- Homeschooled till the age of 17
- Got her tattoo at the age of 17 after homeschool graduation as a family tradition
- As soon as she turned 18 she went out a lot with friends, got in trouble and all that sorts of stuff.
- Found out like this that she was gay AF. so commence gaybars.
- Acasionally hunted to sell the hunt for extra money
- at 21 she lost her arm after running into a dragon's nest with no more than just a knife to defend herself. She came out alive but her left arm was too damaged to be saved and had to be amputated. But her village banned her due to the fact that there were strict rules on what animals to hunt and dragons were not on the allowed list (even though she never ment to run into a dragon and didnt even want to hurt it so she didnt do anything wrong in her eyes)
- Bitterly she left and luckely her mother gave her savings to chrissy which made her able to buy a prosthetic arm and thus have the ability to make a living for herself
- Since then she has been traveling all over Stiyria and made a living out of hunting and escorting people for money.
- Along the way (around when she was 25) she befriended a stray kitten and named her Chloe and has been taking her everywhere since then and been grown very fond of her.



When triggering 'beserker' Chrissy will temporarily gain strenght that reduces damage from spells, has a better resistance to extreme weather circumstances and is a lot stronger and faster overall. This power can not go unnoticed when used though since her eyes become bright red and a dark red glow surrounds her body when it is triggered. The downside to this form is that both her hearing and vision seem to fall short and can cause for problem whilst beserker is triggered. Lastly Beserker does not have a limited timespan it just runs out when chrissy either stops it or doesnt have enough energy anymore.

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