Stubrandt von Garstabrygga

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Stubrandt von Garstabrygga

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General Information
Name: Stubrandt von Garstabrygga
Nickname(s): Stu/Stewie/Milord/Sir/Sire
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Length: 192 cm
Weigth: 81 kg

Physical build
Eye colour: Brown
Hair colour: Dark blond
Build: Bara
Tattoos: Garsten Insignia on his left arm
Scar(s): Several all over his body and one on his right cheek

Characteristic traits
- prefers silence over talking
- heroic
- reasonable

Likes and dislikes
+ Nature
+ Silence
+ Worthy opponents
+ His wife (???)
- Cowards
- Nosy people
- Carelessness/Impulsiveness

Species Information
When a human and an elf has an offspring you'll get a half-blood human/elf. Gets the strength and stubborness of the hume, but the intelligence and gracefulness of the elf.

- Almost died because of Dark Magic
- Got a second chance as a Hollow
- Now collects Souls to reverse the Hollowness
- Hollowness creates distance towards humanity and the things he cares for
- Is no bueno
- He prefers to collect Souls of Lords, as they 'fill' his Hollowness better than peasentry souls

Random facts
- His father was a human, his mother an elf.
- Father died of war (54 at the time)
- Mother is unreasonable because of mass depression because of the death of her husband (still alive, well over 200+)
- Is an only child
- Best friend was a Nature Spirit, but it disappeared.
- Is actually a sweet tooth
- Needs less rest than an ordinary person because of Hollowness
- Talks to plants (bruh)


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