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Nobody's wedding

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“Are you ready, Sir? We have arrived at the capital of Asahar,” Corvas, the advisor of Garsten, said. “I’m well curious about your wife, Sire. Asahar, besides their poor praised poverty, have outstanding, exotic and gorgeous women to behold, Sir. She will be a great addition to our Kingdom of Garsten, Lord Stubrandt!” Corvas regularly talked a lot and was a close friend of Stubrandt’s father, Bemnind. Corvas served Bemnind for all Stubrandt can remember, and that is a very long time. He even served Bemnind before Stubrandt’s time – you might say Corvas has been granted eternal life, but the location of Garsten, right next to the Eastern Sea, people tend to believe the Osiri’s Deserts bring some sort of good luck and great health which allows the people of Garsten to live up to at least 90 human years. Corvas is well over 70 but he still does his job for his Kingdom.

“Ahh, to be young again… I wish nothing other than that, young Lord Stubrandt. Extended life time is both a blessing and a curse. I live long enough to see my best friend’s son to grow up into a fine man and husband-to-be. But on the other hand, with bones as old as the mountains…” Corvas let out a deep sigh. “Well, I have rambled enough, haven’t I? You are to meet your beautiful wife soon. Are you excited, Sir?”
Stubrandt nodded slightly. It was very rare for him to speak, but he somehow managed to take over the Kingdom just fine. It is because of his strong deeds and menacing aura he made it this far.

“We have paid good money for to arrange this ceremony, Sir. I hope she will satiate you with your heart’s content,” Corvas said as he patted Stubrandt on his shoulder. “Oh, if only Bemnind were to still be alive… he would have been so proud of you, my young Stu.” Corvas also tended to get sentimental a lot. “If not for strengthening our bonds with Stiyria, I would have wanted you to marry my daughter. But alas…”
Stubrandt travelled all the way to Asahar to meet his new wife. His crew had to extend the journey longer than it should have. They wanted to avoid the Stream of Berluna at all costs. They had to travel to Plimse Séou, cross the Stream of Mercuris all the way to Suuran, only to sail towards the Bay Etrian. Crossing the Desert of Ra has almost taken a toll on Stubrandt.

“We are almost there, Sir. You should take a quick nap. I will wake you up right before we arrive at Asahar.”
“There is no need, Corvas. I am fine.”
“Can’t sleep of the nerves?”
Stubrandt shook his head. “Or is it something else, Sir? – Don’t tell me…! You want to rest… with her!?”
Stubrandt sighed and ignored the foolish old man as he was in a quite perverted outburst of how the Asaharen girl would please the young lord and how they will have dozens of babies. A few moments later they finally arrived at Asahar and went towards the Assynio Palace. Bystanders started whispering and talking about how a new man, the man in the carriage, would marry one of the richest person’s daughter of Asahar and what kind of things could possibly happen.

As Stubrandt arrived at the palace, he was quite amazed by the architecture of the buildings in this city. Beautifully polished marble pillars and the trademark domes of Asahar. A servant of the Assynio palace walked outside and led Stubrandt to his chamber.
“Are you going to marry in that suit of armour, Sir? Why don’t you change into the Noble Armour suit? The suit your father used to wear when he married Lenaera,” Corvis said as he walked into the room. “We want to make a good first impression, so please, Sir.” Stubrandt nodded and as soon as he wanted to take of his armour, more servants came inside the chamber to help Stubrandt in his armour.
“Please, Sir,” one of the servants said. Stubrandt nodded and got changed into his noble armour suit. Stubrandt hasn’t seen his soon-to-be wife yet, but you can’t say he wasn’t curious how she looked like. Whether she was fine or distasteful or not, Stubrandt wouldn’t mind her looks anyway. As he is more interested in achieving his temporary goal: strengthening the bonds with Stiyria, with Asahar to be precise – one of the richest, if not the richest, countries in the world of World.
“This way, Sir.” As one servant said leading the tall, well-muscular, long-haired blond Stubrandt to the meeting table, where Stubrandt would finally meet his wife and his father-in-law.

“My name is Stubrandt von Garstabrygge and I am well honoured to finally meet you, father and I’m equally honoured to meet my wife as well,” Stubrandt said. He shook the hand of his new father-in-law and kissed the hand of his wife. Corvas told him to do so, because that would be ‘traditionally correct’ in Asahar.
“My name is Rhodo Assynio and this is my daughter Seralys, who you will soon marry. This isn’t your standard wedding. You will actually see your wife first, I hope you don’t mind, Stubrandt, my son.”
“Not at all. She is as beautiful as my advisor and supervisors had described.” Stubrandt had a brief moment of eye-contact with Seralys, who seemed to have a slight sight of blight, before she looked away.
“Well, thank you, Stubrandt. I hope you don’t mind me calling you Stu? We will be family after all.”
“There is no need to worry.”
“Splendid. Seralys, don’t you want to say something to your husband? Maybe a little hello?”
“H-hello…” she said. She didn’t make eye-contact. Stubrandt for one, always makes direct eye-contact with another person. Did that maybe scare her off a little bit?
“She normally isn’t as quiet and reserved as she is now. It must be because of the nerves and excitement, isn’t that right, Sera?” Rhodo said and looked at his daughter. Seralys just nodded, unwillingly, but she nodded. Stubrandt knew this was an arranged marriage, but she didn’t seem to be up to it yet – but then again, she is going to marry a stranger whom she just had met.
“Sir, why don’t you go to the ceremony hall and wait there for the wedding to commence? Sir Rhodo and I have a few things to discuss before the wedding starts,” Corvas said as he walked up to Rhodo.
“Yes. Seralys, why don’t you lead your husband to the ceremony hall? It’ll give you some time to have a little conversation. Then return to the chamber next to the chamber next to the hall, where I will escort you to it later.”

Seralys obeyed and walked towards the ceremony hall. Stubrandt followed her accordingly. The two walked by several winding ways and gardens as well. Stubrandt was very delighted to see such beautiful nature. Along the way they didn’t talk at all. Only when Stubrandt asked what this garden was called, or what this winding way was called. Seralys briefly answered on all his questions.
They arrived at the ceremony hall and soon after that Seralys left. There he stood, on his own, waiting for the ceremony to start. Several people already took a seat and waited for the ceremony to start as well. A while later, Rhodo escorted Seralys to Stubrandt, where they now stood next to each other.

“Do you, Stubrandt von Garstabrygga, take Seralys Assynio as your wife?” The priest said.
“I do.” Stubrandt said and put the ring on Sera’s finger.
“Do you, Seralys Assynio, take Stubrandt von Garstabrygga as your husband?”
“I do…” Seralys said and put the finger on Stu’s finger.
“Then – you may kiss the bride!”


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