Character trivia - Seralys

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Character trivia - Seralys

Post by Cheliya on Tue Jun 28, 2016 1:41 pm

Name: Seralys Therana Asynnio
Nicknames: Sera, kitten (thanks to her yellow/golden eyes), desertwoman (mainly by outsiders, who don't live in the desert)
Gender: female
Weight: 62kg
Height: 1.72m
Age: 21
Hair color: brown
Eye color: gold/yellow
Build: thin, but curvy
Hometown: Asahar
Tattoos: none
Piercings: none

Seralys is known for her beauty and is a local celebrity in Asahar, mainly because of the status of her family. The Asynnio family is known to be very rich and wealthy. The family is also known the be full of criminal activity, especially by the standard of Stiyria. Her father Rhodo is feared by men all over the world. The fact that Seralys illegaly owns a dragon (given to her by her father Rhodo) confirms that the Asynnio family doesn't care about the rules of Stiyria.

They do however care about their own traditions and customs. Thus, Seralys has to marry someone she doesn't know. She doesn't like it, but doesn't fight it either because her family and their honor means the world to her.

Because Seralys's family is so wealthy, she received good education. Seralys loves reading and is quite smart. Even though she never left Asahar before, she knows a lot about the outside world thanks to her studies.

Seralys is also a very spiritual person. She believes in reincarnation. Additionally,she believes that evil spirits can take over the human body. Furthermore, she believes that dreams can predict the future and always hold a special meaning.

She can be quite cunning and manipulate people, but she doesn't do this often because she has a high moral standard.

She loves Zereen, her golden dragon. They share a special bond and she will do anything to protect him. She has no special powers, but can command Zereen.

Likes and dislikes:
She likes grapes, wine, the sun, and reading as well. History, myths and culture interest her a lot.
She dislikes water and is afraid of it. She can't swim and almost drowned as a kid. She also hates racism but as a ''desertwoman'' has to deal with it a lot.


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