Inevitable fate

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Inevitable fate

Post by Cheliya on Mon Jun 27, 2016 6:12 pm

Once again, I found myself at the balcony of my house. I watched over Asahar, the old glorious independent city. This was my city. This was my home. I had always been here and had never known anything else. The heat, the desert, the black markets, the people, the freedom... I felt like I belonged in Asahar. This, truly, was my home.

But nothing lasts forever. I knew that all too well. I knew I had to do my duty to my family. Even though I was part of the rich Assynio family, I couldn't escape the traditions, rules and customs of Asahar. No women alive could. I was twenty-one now and I knew what that meant: I knew that I had to marry a man I didn't know.

I hated it. But I didn't let it show. I couldn't possibly let anyone know of my disapproval of whoever this man would be. He paid a lot of money for me and I should be grateful. But I wasn't grateful at all. I wasn't what everyone wanted me to be. Deep inside my heart, I was furious that I was sent away from my home. I was simply sent away like an animal, to go off with some stranger to heaven knows where.

I was not even sure whether I would be able to bring Zereen with me. Zereen, my golden dragon, meant the world to me. But I couldn't decide whether he could come along or not. My new husband would decide whether Zereen should come along or not.
To be honest, I didn't doubt that he would want a dragon to come along. A dragon will always be worth a lot of money and a dragon will always have a lot of military value. Especially one as powerful as Zereen. Zereen might have only been the size of a dog, but he was big for his age and his fire burnt intensely. He grew fast, too. It wouldn't make sense if he didn't take Zereen with him as well. Zereen can spit fire and fire is power. Men like power. No exceptions. Yet, somehow it still scared me that someone else would decide over my dragons life and my fate.

I wouldn't have to worry for much longer though. He would arrive soon and the 'ceremony' would start soon as well. I should just stand there in a white dress and look pretty. That's all they asked from me. Then, the man would decide whether I'm worth the money or not.  I'm not sure whether he would be silently judging or whether he would just talk out loud. Either way, it was my duty to keep my mouth shut.
Honestly, I already considered acting like a fool and screaming like a monkey so he wouldn't even consider marrying me. But I knew I couldn't do that. I'd stand there silently, while he would judge me. I knew I'd do my duty, no matter what.

'Seralys?' My father, Rhodo, called me.
'Father?' My voice shaked a little. The time had arrived sooner than I expected.
'He's here.' My father gave me a little nod. 'Come with me.'
I looked at the city for one last time, knowing I might never see this view again. Then, I nodded as well and followed my father downstairs to meet the man I wish I could've avoided forever.


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